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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Naughty America: The Game

THIS PLACE SURE LOOKS HAPPENING! LOOK, THERE MUST BE AT LEAST SEVEN PEOPLE... Naughty America Online makes all your sexual fantasies come true. At least that’s what they say.

Forget those late nights in public chat rooms, seeking someone in the mood for a little cyber-nookie. Gone are the days of one-handed typing to inadequate, scrolling sexual dialogue. Brace yourself for the era of online, sex-based multi-user games.

With Naughty America: The Game (, you can wade through masses of like-minded, sex-depraved geeks.

One of the game’s most innovative features is the sexy cartoon avatars playing out your kinky business. Now, your faceless cyber partners come with visuals other than a super-grainy webcam body shot.

The game is strikingly similar to The Sims. Players can use the “house-building” feature to build a lovepad, complete with a bed and a variety of sexy furnishings " though all that’s necessary is the bed.

In your luxurious palace of dirty business, you can host theme parties for your new friends. But, for those still uncomfortable cozying up with online strangers, there are plenty of non-player character escorts who will show you a great time.

Naughty America is a vast world complete with sex shops, bars, dance clubs and romantic getaways for long starlit nights.

The game is being hailed as a way for people to come together. With chat and webcam options, as well as optional real-life profiles, Naughty America encourages people to meet in the real world.

Worried the person on the other end is a total psycho that would make Jeffrey Dahmer look like a modern-day saint? No problem. Naughty America subscribes to a background check program. By volunteering for the program, players can get the big ol’ “I am Not a Convicted Sex Offender” stamp of approval.

Currently, a monthly subscription price hasn’t been set, but the cost will be alleviated upon completing in-game achievements.

So, if you’re longing for a little cyber-sex romp and willing to fork over the dough, Naughty America might be for you.

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