On Disc: The End

Album: Elementary

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Elementary by The End

The End

2 stars

Known for delivering experimental grindcore with tempo shifts pushed at breakneck speeds, The End has developed a sound only to be described as “an acquired taste.”

With Elementary, the band claims to have a more accessible “rock” motif. Hardcore End fans may shudder at this, but the undeniably catchy album is a saving grace for a band risking becoming pigeon-holed in the metal genre.

With the screaming first track “Dangerous,” to the dissonant guitar work on “Animals,” Elementary provides increased accessibility without abandoning much of the driving metal sound.

The album doesn’t succeed in every attempt. The bizarre interlude in “A Fell Wind,” for example, is a waste of time.

Also, frontman Aaron Wolff’s signature screeching vocals can wear thin over Elementary’s 51-minute run.

The album isn’t for everyone. Besides End fans or audiophiles devoted to all things metal, this record probably isn’t worth your attention, even if it screams to be picked up.

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