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Album: Unreleased

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Unreleased by Wu-Tang Clan & Friends

Wu-Tang Clan & Friends
Nature Sounds/Fontana North

2.5 stars

The latest from producer DJ Allah Mathematics, the man behind the Wu-Tang “W,” Unreleased features various unreleased and remixed material recorded by the Clan and friends during previous album sessions.

Unreleased has some incredible songs, leaving little doubt Wu-Tang’s upcoming album 8 Diagrams will have a huge impact. Tracks “Wu Banga (Remix)” and “Maxine (Remix)” showcase Wu-Tang’s creative, sample-based production, while “Da N (Remix)” features GZA’s laid-back flow in top form.

Unfortunately, it appears input from Wu-Tang’s original members is limited on this album, as the songs are mainly remixes.

Though Wu-Tang’s friends Eyez Low, Shyheim, Hot Flames, and Killah Priest add lots of content, their songs pale in comparison to the Clan originals.

Overall, Unreleased is a must-have for Wu fans but newcomers should save their cash for the new, full-length album out this summer.

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