Website tracks hyped songs for easy browsing

The Hype Machine makes finding new music much easier

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

A screenshot of The Hype Machine

At first glance, The Hype Machine website may appear too indie-based for the average web surfer. But as the site’s personalized features become apparent, anyone can appreciate the online media centre.

The Hype Machine ( tracks mp3s from music blogs into its own database. Users can listen to the songs and follow links to iTunes and for purchase.

As elementary as it seems, interactivity is key. In this case, interactivity minus reading anything resembling a paragraph is the route to follow. Though there’s a link to learn more about the website, it’s unnecessary since the best way to learn more is by diving right into the musical selection.

The music samples, however, are slightly faulty and inconsistent. An entire song or only random excerpts may play. On occasion, a completely different song than the one requested will play.

Tracks appear as part of a playlist. Users can enjoy a taste of new music without scrounging through Hype’s selection for a new song each time another ends.

The search bar at the top of the page can be easily overlooked, but it’s crucial to maximizing The Hype Machine. People without time to browse unknown artists’ tunes can use the personalized search to their advantage. With the click of a button, a multitude of songs by a chosen artist or band appears. In addition, links to music videos are available on YouTube and concert dates are displayed.

If anything, The Hype Machine is a central music centre collecting media tidbits from around the web. As users become familiar with the site, they can visit blogs with music interests similar to their own.

Good luck hunting down those rarities.

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