On Disc: Architects

Album: Nightmares

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Nightmares by Architects


1.5 stars

Nightmares is the Architects’ debut album. The Brighton band’s throaty screaming and repetitive guitar riffs are spun into eight tracks lacking creativity.

Lyrics like “Slash my arms, tear off my limbs” and “You don’t walk away from dismemberment” reinforce the album’s stale and clichéd nature. Not surprisingly, many songs are littered with borderline satanic lyrics, like “running on Lucifer’s blood” in the track “They’ll be Hanging Us Tonight.”

The album does have a few redeeming qualities. The bridge of “In the Desert” shows the band can write distinct melodies and the musical exploration in “This Confession Means Nothing” shows potential for diversity in the Architects’ writing.

It’s clear Nightmares was heavily influenced by the British metal band Johnny Truant. Musically, Nightmares is a watered-down version.

Certainly, these Architects aren’t the next Johnny Truant. At least, not yet.

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