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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Crush Luther by Crush Luther

Crush Luther
Crush Luther
High 4 Records

3 stars

For dateless wonders and emo kids, it’s time to start smiling and enjoying life with Crush Luther. This Toronto pop-rock band will likely become the new “pride and joy” of Canadian music.

Crush Luther’s first single, “City Girl,” has appeared on MuchMusic’s and MuchMoreMusic’s top-10 lists. The lyrics provide insight into Luther’s romance with a “city girl” and how the relationship won’t work because of his hatred for the city: “So if we’re in love I suppose / I’m out of here before I get too close / You’re the worst city girl I’ve known.”

Don’t be too discouraged " this isn’t a pre-teen love album. There’s plenty of upbeat yet strangely laid-back songs for any listener. “When We Were Golden” could easily become this year’s summer anthem.

Although the album has less profanity and a bit more pop than what’s currently available in the market, some songs bear a striking resemblance to Sublime and ill Scarlett.

Thanks to memorable lyrics and charming guitar work, Crush Luther is an album listeners can identify with.

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