Free beer, pop-punk, Bedouin Soundclash all wash up at Wave

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Bedouin Soundclash

Students love free stuff, so it was no surprise The Wave was at capacity Saturday night, when Molson Canadian handed out free beer at a free Bedouin Soundclash show.

Edmonton’s Social Code opened and was well received. Musically, the band sounds like a Good Charlotte knockoff complete with catchy instrumentals and teen angst. Social Code’s energetic performance kept the crowd amused until Bedouin performed.

Kingston’s Bedouin Soundclash’s played a fairly predictable set, consisting mostly of songs off Bedouin Soundclash’s 2004 hit album, Sounding A Mosaic. Crowd-pleasers like “Gyasi Went Home,” “Jeb Rand” and “Shelter” were received warmly by the drunk audience.

The show’s climax was Bedouin’s feel-good hit, “When The Night Feels My Song.” The band’s unique blend of ska and reggae transpired into a dynamic and spirited live performance.

Despite several requests, Bedouin didn’t play the popular ballad “Santa Monica.” Aside from a few disappointed fans, the song’s absence didn’t seem to dampen the mood.

Oddly, the band members avoided interacting with each other. Frontman Jay Malinowski did his thing on the right, bassist Eon Sinclair rocked out on the left and drummer Pat Pengelly was secluded at the back of the stage. Though unconventional, this performance style worked for the band.

Adding a unique element to the show was the presence of host Nicole Arbour, “The World’s Sexiest Comedian.” Not only was she ample eye-candy, she entertained the anxious crowd between sets.

With the help of free beer, Bedouin Soundclash’s impressive performance thoroughly entertained the crowd.

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