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Album: College Grove

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

College Grove by Abernethy

College Grove
Spinning Gold Records

2.5 stars

Joe Abernethy, a Vancouver-based singer/songwriter, recently released his third studio album, College Grove.

The album resonates with Abernethy’s spirited poetic style. Numerous tracks combine piano and organ, crafting a unique folk style. Abernethy’s deep voice and metaphorical lyrics create an intriguing sound.

However, the album quickly loses its intrigue because many tracks contain the same melody and depressing theme.

The album’s sixth track, “Ancient Lake,” presents a more joyful melody than the rest of the album, making it an easy listen despite its dark lyrics.

College Grove’s morbid, whiney lyrics make it hard to avoid feeling mopey. “The Voice” has depressing lyrics that make it difficult to listen to: “Yesterday, I drowned myself/ Next to a blonde with a dark repression.”

Although the album is gloomy, there’s deep meaning behind the lyrics. Some of Abernethy’s poetic lyrics may even inspire some people to get in touch with their more spiritual and poetic selves.

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