Approximately 3 Peters reveals inner geekiness

UWO grad Peter Hill brings comedy troupe to London

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Approximately 3 Peters

“It’s crazy to be interviewing with The Gazette after all these years.”

Peter Hill, a Western graduate and one-third of the Toronto-based comedy troupe Approximately 3 Peters, is very familiar with The Gazette. A former University Students’ Council VP-campus issues, Hill says he answered his fair share of Gazette questions during his term.

“I learned a lot about myself and the people around me as a result of [the VP-campus issues position],” Hill says.

“Perspective really is an important thing when you’re doing comedy because you need to have a point of view, as you would if you were in politics or if you were a writer or any other creative pursuit.”

Approximately 3 Peters is comprised of Hill, Peter Gal and Ian MacIntyre. After graduating from The Second City Toronto’s Conservatory program, the trio formed its own comedy troupe.

“The first few months, even though we knew each other and knew our work, we had to build a new ensemble,” Hill says. “We had to figure out what our strengths are and how to play to them and start to figure out our own writing process.”

Although usually they get along, Hill admits they occasionally disagree.

“Each of us has his moments,” Hill says. “And we hug. Then we watch Lost.”

The Peters performed their first full-length comedy revue Saturday night at The Arts Project. The show was sponsored by The ARTS Project and Alumni Western.

“Christina Fox from Alumni Western was at our show at The Second City in Toronto and she liked it,” Hill says. “So there’s already a confidence in our material as a result of sponsorship that we’ve received this time around.”

Performing in London is a new challenge for the troupe, whose resumé reads like a list of Toronto’s comedy hot spots.

“For me, it’s great [to come back],” Hill says. “It’s our first time playing our show out of town, so for [Gal and MacIntyre] there’s an excitement in that.

“We’re playing to an audience that for the most part has never seen us before, so it’s almost like playing a show for your very first time.

“But as much as there’s some trepidation, there’s still a sense of fun. Every time you throw yourself up on a stage, there’s always a little bit of that nervous rush, and that’s part of the fun.”

The troupe’s pop culture-based act is constantly changing.

“There’s a couple of our scenes that have disappeared over time,” Hill says. “When we first started, we had a Canadian Tire Guy sketch, but he’s nowhere to be seen anymore, and thank God for that!

“Unfortunately, a pretty good bit went with it. But it forces you to write some new stuff.”

The Peters hope their revue appeals to open pop-culture geeks and closeted nerds.

“In our case, our inner nerds are pretty much our outer selves, but what we hope to do is encourage people to sit down and celebrate your own inner nerds,” Hill says.

“Everybody’s got something that they’re really into, even though they might not broadcast it.”

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