Gadgets help students cope with their long study sessions

USB devices can cook you a meal

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

USB devices

Dragging your heels every time you head to a nerve-jangling session at Club Weldon?

Head to and check out a revolutionary but bizarre collection of USB-powered devices guaranteed to boost your productivity.

Devices include USB heating pads, USB noodle strainers and USB lava lamps. Each device plugs into any USB port, making it an essential weapon in every academic die-hard’s arsenal.

Weldon isn’t the most temperature-friendly building on campus, and after spending hours cramming for exams, your ass is likely as numb as Robert Downey Jr.’s face. Made of finely woven cloth and contoured to fit almost any size seat, the USB heating pad will make your study sessions more comfortable.

With your ass taken care of, you’re probably too lazy to get up to grab a bite. No problem. The USB noodle strainer is the first of its kind in a new series of “USB cookware.” Simply add water and your noodles to the oval-shaped plastic bowl and they’re ready in minutes.

Caffeine binges often leave people paranoid and hallucinating, making late-night sessions alone in Weldon scary. Luckily, the Japanese have developed a USB-powered ghost radar to keep Weldon’s nasty spirits and ghouls in check. This must-have also doubles as a flash memory drive. Spooktacular.

If you’re not paranoid enough to need a ghost radar, consider investing in a flashlight that doubles as a flash memory drive. The flashlight is battery-operated but it has a built-in charger that feeds off your laptop’s power.

Are you a Mac user? Your computer isn’t complete until you purchase a USB-powered lava lamp. Demonstrate your grooviness by using this retro favourite at every late-night session.

Not enough colour? Throw a USB-powered Christmas tree into the mix. The tree flashes a rainbow of colours, including red, fuschia, green, blue, pink and white. People sitting in nearby cubicles will surely enjoy being distracted by your blinding lights.

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