On Disc: Norah Jones

Album: Not Too Late

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Not Too Late by Norah Jones

Norah Jones
Not Too Late
Blue Note

2.5 stars

Norah Jones returns to the mainstream with her third release, Not Too Late. The album mixes various styles, including jazz, country and a waltz.

While the album varies more than the country-influenced Feels Like Home, not much else stands out.

Jones’ voice is as beautiful as ever, but Not Too Late lacks a well-defined single. Both her previous albums had several standout songs.

There are some good songs and lots of beautiful lyrics and instrumentation. It’s hard to dislike the album. Songs like “Wish I Could” and “The Sun Doesn’t Like You” prove Jones is capable of competing with her pop, jazz and country counterparts.

Without any standout tracks, however, the album doesn’t cut it.

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