On Disc: Octoberman

Album: Laguardia

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Laguardia by Octoberman

White Whale Records

3 stars

It’s obvious Marc Morrisette, better known as Octoberman, owned at least a few Bob Dylan records as a kid.

With his acoustic guitar, harmonica and wavering voice, Octoberman has all the tools necessary to rip off his urban-folk forefathers.

Octoberman’s seven-track EP Laguardia is a well-composed but unoriginal record.

“Laguardia,” a bubbly acoustic riff with some mandolin interjection, showcases Octoberman’s homage to Dylan.

“I’m Not Drunk” is a witty narrative of a drunk remembering a past love.

The drunk-sounding vocals are supported by a typical folk chord progression and an oh-so-similar harmonica riff.

Though Laguardia doesn’t offer ground-breaking, innovative material, it’s a well-researched and pleasing folk record.

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