The Marble Index rocks stage and moustaches

Hamilton band breaks out the dance-rock for Thursday crowd

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The Marble Index Lead Brad Germain

Alana Dyer

A MOUSTACHE HAS MANY USES... EVEN THE MICROPHONE FEELS THAT TICKLING SENSATION! Frontman Brad Germain led The Marble Index on a rock assault of Call The Office this weekend.

Call The Office has hosted many high-quality shows, and Hamilton’s The Marble Index kept the tradition alive last Thursday night.

The Marble Index put on an energized dance-rock show for the small but excited crowd, with the U.K.’s Four Day Hombre opening.

Four Day Hombre’s catchy pop-rock sound fits somewhere between early Oasis and Coldplay’s piano melodies.

The band played to a sparse crowd more interested in beer than the set. Those listening, however, seemed impressed.

Lead singer Simon Wainwright granted cover-song requests and joked about covering Bryan Adams’ “Summer of 69” and his “undying love” for “our nation’s band,” Nickelback.

Around midnight The Marble Index hit the stage, opening with the hard-riffed “Everyone Else” from its 2006 sophomore release Watch Your Candles Watch Your Knives.

Lead singer Brad Germain bantered with the crowd, using every opportunity to get people moving. Sporting a handlebar moustache, Germain joked about his hatred for Christmas and organized religion before taking an impromptu crowd poll to gauge the popularity of his new facial hair.

Though the band mostly played songs from its second album, it also performed old favourites like the danceable “We Can Make It” and the popular “I Believe.”

The band also played a rough cut of an unnamed new song, which had a hard-rocking, catchy riff. Missing from the set list, however, was the instantly infectious single, “All That I Know.”

Though Germain interacted very little with drummer Adam Knickle and bassist Ryan Tweedle during the set, the finale put any accusations of a one-man show to rest.

In a clockwise instrument switch-up, all three members seamlessly switched places and jammed to “I Believe.”

Despite its energetic close, the lack of an encore was disappointing.

Overall, The Marble Index proved an entertaining alternative to hitting London’s crowded Thursday-night bar scene.

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