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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Aradia Fitness class pole

"I CALL THIS ONE THE SPREAD EAGLE." Unleash your sexiness on a pole with Aradia Fitness classes. After all, it sure beats getting stared at by old men in the gym.

Carmen Electra’s striptease workout videos were just the tip of the iceberg. Aradia Fitness is the latest combination of seduction and fitness.

With locations in B.C, Ontario, Alberta, North Carolina and Nevada, Aradia Fitness offers ladies a chance to “gain a sense of wellness as they learn to adore, celebrate and flaunt every curve of their body.” What better way to do so than with pole-dancing classes?

Aradia Fitness, which opened its first London location last month, boasts fun classes taught by “regular” women to ensure participants feel comfortable.

The program provides a full-body workout and a chance to try your hand (and body) on the pole. However, it isn’t very student-budget friendly.

Located at Pilateez on Adelaide, Aradia classes run from $25 per intro class to $65 an hour for personal lessons and $149 for six weeks of classes.

Most classes are scheduled after 8 p.m. three times a week, so they fit well into even the busiest people’s schedules.

The workout combines yoga, pilates and sensual dance routines. After enduring both the intro class and six weeks at level one, participants can try their hand (and body) at the pole. Since London’s location is new, it currently only offers level-one classes.

If you’ve spent time hanging around the Saugeen stripper, however, perhaps you can get special permission to skip ahead and start playing on the pole.

Aradia Fitness also offers corporate and group parties. Parties include dinner at Robinson Hall, then pole lessons and drinks at The Thorny Devil. You’ll be taught pole, wall and lap dance routines " and you can get sloshed and dance like a hussy.

If staying at home works better for you, Aradia offers a series of instructional videos. It also sells brass poles that can be custom-fit for your favourite ceiling " bedroom, kitchen, dining room, Aradia’s staff doesn’t judge " with five inches of adjustability and two size options.

Something this sexy, however, has a big ticket: the “classic pole,” " 1.5 inches in diameter " will set you back $379, and the “standard pole” " 2 inches in diameter " costs $50 more.

Despite its steep prices, Aradia offers a fun alternative to working out in a gym and a great opportunity to brush up on your bedroom skills.

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