Women: expand your horizons, drink more beer

Cocktails limit your tastebuds

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Last Saturday, students set their alarms early to don green attire, pour a cold glass of beer for breakfast and celebrate their favourite patron saint.

Like many Western women, I enjoy an occasional drink or two to alleviate my mental anxieties about university life " especially on a joyous occasion like St. Patrick’s Day.

Drinking is undoubtedly a social activity that helps form new friendships and strengthen old ones. While drinking isn’t the only way to have fun, some of the best stories and fondest memories involve the shameless consumption of alcohol.

Unlike many Western women, however, it pains my soul that many females don’t share my yearning for big, frothy pints of ice cold, imported beer. Many females generally “hate the taste” as their defective tastebuds prefer the sweetness of a “Sex On The Beach” instead of our flavourful other patron saint, Alexander Keith.

Women who are heavy beer drinkers are often stereotyped as either butch or “casual and down-to-earth.” As touching as this may be, it surprises men when women chug faster and indulge in the supposedly male phenomenon of beer drinking.

We become limited to “girly drinks” like wine coolers and Fuzzy Navels " stuff wholly avoided by men. Guys spotted sipping a Mojito will be ostracized forever as “the guy who drinks girly drinks.”

We’re swayed into entering Jim Bob’s because of its cheap Wednesday-night cocktails. If you’re looking to get trashed quickly and easily then yes, girly drinks can guarantee some pretty sweet sexually transmitted infections. Women must expand their horizons and reward their tastebuds by debunking some of the myths of beer drinking.

One of the biggest reasons women seem to avoid beer is the thought of matching their boyfriend’s “beer belly.” However, beer won’t contribute to obesity if it’s ingested in moderation. In fact, most cocktails and mixed drinks contain sugary syrups adding up to more than 800 calories per drink. Even a tall pint of Guinness draught has less calories and alcohol than a martini.

If you’re really paranoid about gaining weight, there are low-calorie beer options like Corona Light and Beck’s Premier Light still offering the same refreshing taste.

Some studies have even suggested beer " drank in moderation " provides the same health benefits as wine, reducing chances of strokes and heart disease.

If you’re not drinking beer, you’re missing out.

There’s a hidden, mystical world of beer I haven’t fully uncovered yet. Each beer has its own taste and character. Each lager or ale has an appearance and history unlike the boring concoctions of vodka and some kind of juice.

So the next time you’re out, try something new. Overcome your fear of beer. Start off slow by replacing your usual Cosmopolitan with a Stella Artois. You’ll probably thank me later.

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