On Disc: Finger Eleven

Album: Them VS. You VS. Me

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Them VS. You VS. Me by Finger Eleven

Finger Eleven
Them VS. You VS. Me
Wind-Up Records

3 stars

If Finger Eleven’s newest release was a drink it would be a light beer, unlike some of the band’s previous releases, which were like damn fine lagers fit for lumberjacks.

Like the band’s self-titled album, 2007’s Them VS. You VS. Me provides a more radio-friendly sound than its previous alt-rock releases.

This results in a few interesting variations of the band’s well-established sound.

However, most songs are nothing more than clones of previous hits like “Good Times” or “One Thing.” These tunes go down a little too smooth.

There’s the Franz Ferdinand-esque “Paralyzer” and the unexpectedly bouncy “Gather & Give,” with the latter being Finger Eleven’s first song to contain handclaps.

The album won’t alienate current Finger Eleven fans, but it won’t gain it credibility among its detractors either.

Scott Anderson has ditched the high-school angst lyrics featured prominently in the band’s back-catalogue.

Hopefully, this trend continues and Anderson steers clear of the unfortunate Chad Kroegerisms plaguing modern-rock radio.

The disc is a worthwhile purchase for fans, but other listeners should sample it before laying down their hard-earned dollars.

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