Starbucks unleashes newest gadget: the vending machine

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The Starbucks Vending Machine

Apparently, Starbucks isn’t satisfied with taking over every North American metropolis; it will soon invade break rooms and hockey arenas everywhere. That’s right folks, Starbucks has moved to vending machines.

You can now waste even more money on overpriced coffee with ridiculous names without some annoying barista asking if you want a biscotti with your purchase.

The machine, which is co-produced by PepsiCo., churns out everyone’s favourite brands of “roasted coffee, various lattes and hot cocoa.”

News of this gadget comes only a month after Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz expressed his distaste with the “watering down of the Starbucks experience” and the “commodification of the brand.” Schultz shouldn’t be surprised; the Starbucks brand is as synonymous with bad, overpriced coffee as McDonald’s is with bad, fairly priced cheeseburgers.

Starbucks is already selling its chilled beverages in gas stations and convenience stores across America; the vending machines will provide Starbucks’ hot beverages.

Instead of some greasy kid in an apron pouring your “Venti, non-fat sugar-free, vanilla double latte, extra hot, no foam,” the machine will do it for you " and it won’t screw up your order. Just don’t try ordering your coffee black.

Will this trend catch on in Canada? Since Canadians already have a Tim Hortons every 5.6 kilometres down the road, citizens already have steady access to coffee. Starbucks must break Canada’s Tim Hortons obsession before its technology catches on across the Great White North.

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