Debra and Travis cause laugh riot at the Grand

Young Canadian comedians bring their own twist to humour

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Debra DiGiovanni and Trevor Boris

The Debra and Trevor Comedy Tour
Starring: Debra DiGiovanni and Trevor Boris

4 stars

When The Debra and Trevor Comedy Tour hit London’s Grand Theatre Sunday night, Debra DiGiovanni and Trevor Boris gave a performance that left the audience pleading for more.

After watching their exceptional show, it’s clear why DiGiovanni and Boris are considered two of Canada’s best rising standup comedians.

“Is this the closest you’ve been to a gay man’s penis?” quipped Boris, before taking a few steps towards an uncomfortable audience member.

“Is this the closest you’ve been to a gay man’s penis?” Boris said again as the audience roared uncontrollably.

While continuously poking fun at Canadian culture, the comedians discussed everything from smoking pot with your cat to blow jobs gone awry.

The dynamic duo, who work together on MuchMusic’s Video On Trial, also offered the crowd a brief but hilarious barrage of celebrity cut-ups and insults.

While discussing Britney Spears’ shaved head, Boris suggested that “the carpet finally matches the drapes.”

Boris’ sharp wit and relaxed stage demeanor helped him provoke endless fits of laughter, particularly when he explained what it was like growing up as a gay farmer in Winnipeg.

“People ask me what a gay farmer grows in Winnipeg. I tell them we grow jellybeans and disco balls. I also drive a John Queer tractor.”

DiGiovanni’s robust personality ushered the audience into a state of hysterical bliss, making her set a pleasure to watch.

“I once stayed in a hotel when visiting Trevor’s hometown that was really out in the middle of nowhere. It was one big hotel building with nothing around. Most people call it downtown Winnipeg,” DiGiovanni said while snickering.

The show’s only fault was that it ended. The minutes flew by as the audience roared with laughter, applause and cat calls.

The comedic duo showed humility by holding a meet-and-greet session after the show where it casually posed for photos and signed autographs.

If you’re yearning some great Canadian wit, The Debra and Trevor Comedy Tour is perfect for you.

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