Taking Back Sunday crosses over to Canada

Emo rockers promise border guards they aren't serial killers

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Taking Back Sunday

"YES, WE REALIZE OUR HAIR IS COLLECTIVELY SWEPT TO THE SIDE. AND YES, THE BACKGROUND OF OUR PHOTO IS BLACK. BUT WHAT DID YOU EXPECT FROM ONE OF THE FIGUREHEADS OF EMO ROCK?" Taking Back Sunday played Centennial Hall last Wednesday, proving teeenage angst is still alive and kicking in London. It's always good to know a frontman with two kids can still connect with youth.

“Our poor drum tech didn’t get [into Canada],” says Taking Back Sunday guitarist/singer Fred Mascherino. “I probably shouldn’t say this in the press, but he snuck back in. They let him in at a different border.”

Emo rock band Taking Back Sunday has had more than its fair share of border-crossing problems, as guitarist Eddie Reyes shares his name with a serial killer.

“There’s apparently another Eddie Reyes from Mexico who’s killed like 18 people and he’s still on the loose. So Eddie always gets mixed up with that guy, and they ask him a million questions.”

Mascherino says the band isn’t re-recording its debut, Tell All Your Friends.

“It’s actually only a rumour,” he says. “I mean, I guess some people would want to hear that record... but it sounds fine how it is so we’re leaving it alone.”

Mascherino says Taking Back Sunday supports other bands by taking them on tour.

“We did try to take [The Format] out with us and Jimmy Eat World [on another tour]. I hope that by them coming on tour with us, they get to play in front of our audience and maybe play in front of people they normally don’t play in front of.”

Mascherino praises current tour mates Underoath.

“Some of the guys in Underoath are just such positive people,” he says. “They can just cheer you up any time you’re having a bad day.”

Mascherino’s wife Elena appears on the band’s latest release, Louder Now.

“She did a great job,” he says. “I had to leave the building because I was too nervous for her.”

The couple often collaborates for Mascherino’s side project, The Color Fred.

“It’s something that I just do when [Taking Back Sunday] is taking a break, when I’m off tour,” Mascherino says. “I do plan to do a record and I hope to release it in 2007.”

Taking Back Sunday plans to shoot a global warming-themed video for “My Blue Heaven.”

“We actually were trying to get An Inconvenient Truth to license us some of their footage for us to use in our video,” Mascherino says.

Raising awareness about global warming is important to Mascherino.

“As a person, I do feel responsible,” he says. “It’s a global issue and that’s why I thought it was important to shed some light on it.”

Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth’s mastermind, was at the same venue as Taking Back Sunday when it visited Oklahoma.

“It helped spread the word within our tour,” Mascherino says. “We got to meet him afterwards, which was kind of cool.”

Mascherino says its label, Warner, is excited about the new video.

“They love when we come up with ideas like that, that are unusual,” Mascherino says. “They’ve really been nothing but helpful towards us.”

He says the transition to a major label has been beneficial for the band, which released its first two albums on Victory Records.

“It was hard being on Victory, that’s all I can say. It was difficult. They’re hard to co-operate with.”

The band has a packed schedule for the next few months.

“We’ll tour throughout the summer and then in the fall we’ll start to jam new songs and see where we’re at,” Mascherino says. “We have a very big tour we’re planning to go on, [but] we won’t be headlining.”

While Mascherino remained tight-lipped about the tour’s headliners, he said it should hit Canada.

“It better hit Toronto at least.”

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