Software turns cellphone into vibrator

Phones no longer just for annoying other bus riders

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

A cell phone

You’ve joked about it, snickering when someone’s phone goes off in their pocket, vibrating against them. Some of you have probably even tried it by having someone call you repeatedly but refusing to answer. Your ex suddenly becomes a new source of sexual stimulation, whether or not they know it.

Want to turn your cellphone into an actual vibrator? A British company’s new software has made it possible, bringing a whole new meaning to the term “phone sex.”

According to Wired magazine, the software can be downloaded onto certain Nokia cellphones. Phones with vibrator capabilities are featured on the company’s website,

Known as “Purring Kitten” software, it’s currently only available in the U.K. The program eliminates the need for repeated calling to receive your needed stimulation.

For the equivalent of $4.99 US, it’s a pretty cheap way to get off. Plus, the software is simple to use. Once downloaded, there are only two controls to master: start and pause.

The sultry software takes its name from the icon that appears onscreen when the phone is vibrating: a purring cat. How original.

Although the software has already caught on in Britain without much advertising, there’s no word whether this form of stimulation will be available in North America anytime soon. After all, weren’t the Puritans kicked out of England for being too uptight?

How much lower can we go? Vibrating key chains? Actually, those probably do exist.

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