Female sexuality scarier than slasher flicks

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Britney Spears with open legs

Breaking news! Stop the presses! Britney Spears flashed her lady bits at paparazzi! Oh, and so has Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Tara Reid, Janet Jackson, and even Janice Dickinson. Ladies of Hollywood, what has gotten into you?

Once upon a time, sex was taboo enough to keep women under wraps. However, today everyone parades around without bras and showing nips pointy enough to give directions.

As a female, I’m torn. These women are merely doing what they want to and, if they feel empowered by it, I can’t really judge. However, I’m also curious to know where their dignity and self-respect ran off to.

Twenty-four-hour Playboy channels and Baby Bratz fashion dolls wearing thongs instead of diapers create a special relationship between our society and sexuality. Yes, we’re oversexed, but I don’t think we’re desensitized.

Personally, I think we’re more ashamed and scared of female sexuality than ever. We’ve accepted the fact women have " and enjoy " sex and I think we’re beyond getting worked up over the not-so-elusive female orgasm.

So why are we so offended by nudity? And why are these women using their bodies for shock value? Granted, it’s at their disposal when nothing else really is, but why has it become their weapon of choice?

I can’t answer these questions. I can’t even come close to offering a proper solution. But when everyone around you is having sex " as they should; it’s instinctual " one would think celebrities flashing their sexual organs wouldn’t shock us so much.

We have become so disconnected from our corporeality that it’s strange to see someone else’s body " let alone genitalia. From sweating to secreting, there’s something wrong and shameful about every little function.

Sure, sex sells. But this isn’t about marketing. This is about divorceés crying frantically for attention and confused young women forcing their bodies on the world in an attempt to prove their strength. It’s too bad it only showcases their weaknesses and how desperately alone they probably feel.

Through all the evolution society has undergone in the past millennia, we’ve always had our bodies. Unfortunately, we can digest the most outlandish horror flicks and technological advances before embracing our sexuality.

We can cure diseases once capable of wiping out entire cities. We can fly and defy nature’s limitations. We can invent ridiculously small cellphones. And yet exposed titties scare us shitless.

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