On Disc: The Patients

Album: Get Well Soon

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Get Well Soon by The Patients

The Patients
Get Well Soon
Sonic Unyon

3 stars

The Patients are the perfect example of a struggling rock-and-roll band.

The Ontario band’s self-financed album equally demonstrates each member’s talent. The partnership between vocalist Stu Bishop and guitarist John Wilson is the band’s dynamic core.

The band lists its inspirations as everything from Fleetwood Mac to Ike and Tina Turner. Its sound mixes older elements in a new way to appeal to a modern crowd.

The music is very refreshing. The Patients have created a unique style and avoid sounding repetitive. Demanding attention is “Sour Grapes,” a heavy track with strong riffs.

“Below Magdelene” has a nostalgic and surreal feel and “We’re Gorgeous” seethes with narcissism.

Stu Bishop stretches his vocals in a Mick Jagger-like manner, while the whole band uses a toned-down Rolling Stones feel mixed with interesting keyboards. Get Well Soon certainly deserves a listen.

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