On Disc: Riverside

Album: Goodbye Broadway, Hello Hollywood

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Goodbye Broadway, Hello Hollywood by Riverside

Goodbye Broadway, Hello Hollywood

2 stars

Riverside’s new album, Goodbye Broadway, Hello Hollywood, sounds like Good Charlotte and Sum 41 meet indie rock.

Led by Londoner Andrew Halsall, this Canadian band combines energetic power chords and Joel Madden-like vocals. The record transitions well from high-energy songs to softer songs like “Cold Nights In Warm Blankets.”

The acoustic song “Singing Along When You Don’t Know The Words” seems out of place. Generally, albums are consistent throughout, but Riverside missed the mark by trying to be unique and throwing in this track.

The band also tossed in the tune “Jack Bauer Has Had a Rough Day,” which, oddly enough, has nothing to do with the TV character.

The album’s biggest problem is that every song lacks a chorus except “You Before Me Except After C,” in which Halsall rambles on about his girlfriend and cutting himself.

Overall, Riverside’s album is nothing short of mediocre.

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