Draft top tabloid trash to fantasy celeb team

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

What if every time Lindsay Lohan crashed her car, you got more than a hot-gossip-thrill in return?

Fafarazzi.com is fronting a new online trend that takes pleasure in celebrities’ pain. The celebrity fantasy league website, based on similar formats for fantasy sports leagues, allows users to choose their ideal team of celebs. Every time a celebrity team-member is blogged about, the team receives points. That means for every drug scandal, break-up and head-shaving breakdown, Fafarazzi users reap the rewards.

After signing up for Fafarazzi, you must either create or join a league. Within this league you create your own distinct team, and compose a draft pool of about 30 celebs.

But it’s not just a matter of picking La Lohan, Britney and Ms. Hilton and watching the points roll in with every crotch shot. Fafarazzi randomly selects team members from your draft pool; it’s luck of the draw who you end up with. This time you may be stuck with Screech, but next round you could be living it up with Lindsay.

Fafarazzi also offers a swapping option so press-shy teammates can be swapped with unused celebs sitting in the draft pool. These celebs may not bring you enough points to secure a win, but they will help move you up the ranks.

One issue with the website? Anyone with a member of the Trifecta of Terror (Spears, Lohan, Hilton) on their roster is almost guaranteed to win. And trading may not be that useful; users aren’t likely to trade Britney for a B-lister, or even a less-publicized member of the A-list.

Still, these minor imperfections don’t detract heavily from the overall quality of the experience. Even if you place last due to a less-than-stellar team, you can take solace in knowing that first place winners receive little more than bragging rights.

The double-whammy of reading celebrity gossip blogs for entertainment while knowing you’re cashing in " digitally, anyway " on their misery is too good an opportunity to pass up.

Who knew it was so much fun to leech off of celebrities?

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