An eclectic soundtrack filled with NXNE flavour

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Take a listen to some of the Canadian indie scenesters who rocked the festival.

Mother Mother - Touch Up
A pop-driven ode to Avon ladies and our appearance-obsessed culture, Touch Up is typical of Mother Mother’s quirky style. It’s hard to believe an entire chorus could be composed of so many pronunciations of “I need a touch up”, but somehow vocalists Ryan Guldemond, Molly Guldemond and Debra-Jean Creelman pull it off with enough style to make the song a hit. “Touch Up” may be silly, but Mother Mother owns it.

Shadrach Kabango - Out of Love Part 2
With a dreamy keyboard loop and breezy rhymes, “Out of Love Part 2” sounds like a summer drive. Bypassing the “bitches and hoes” bullshit of his peers, Shad instead offers some old-school substance on this sequel tune. But like any good summer song, he keeps it fun. The scarf and the tight jeans complete the emo look. Why don’t you go cook some vegan food and rent The Notebook?

Peaches - Two Guys For Every Girl
While Peaches didn’t perform any of her songs at NXNE, opting instead for a comedy session with Dave Foley, it’s obvious why she still drew a crowd. This electronic epic about guy-on-guy loving is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Peaches’ obsession with sex. Be forewarned: “Two Guys” does not belong on the playlists of conservatives ¬¬¬" it’s the musical equivalent of a late-night sex-line infomercial.

Kathleen Edwards - Summerlong In
“Summerlong”, Ottawa-born singer-songwriter Edwards sings about a habitual relationship-ender who finally falls in love. Despite the sickeningly sweet subject matter, Edwards’s folksy voice transforms the material from cheesy love song fare into something beautiful. It’s guaranteed to make you feel fortunate to be in love " or encourage you to transform your next summer hook-up into the real thing.

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