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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Patio bars become your second home once summer hits. From people-watching to socializing, London has the perfect patios to fulfill your drinking needs:

BARNEY’S: Barney’s is the patio of all patios. School may be out but Barney’s is always packed with Londoners and Western students staying for the summer. The generous seating and wooden benches that line this outdoor bar make Barney’s a perfect summer alternative to its neighbour, The Ceeps. Make sure you arrive early as Barney’s gets as equally packed in the summer as The Ceeps does during the school year.

BARKING FROG: Once you get through the patio’s maze, you can actually appreciate The Frog’s swanky outdoor atmosphere. Its multiple levels and doors leading to different areas of the patio may seem confusing at first but it’s always an adventure. With grapevines surrounding the brick walls and a dimly lit, flirtacious bar, expect an urbane feel you can’t get anywhere else.

TJ BAXTER’S: TJ’s aerial view of Richmond Row makes it one of the best patios for people-watching, day or night. Take a break and munch on a slew of finger-foods while knocking back a pitcher of Blue. You don’t have to worry about swapping your Birkenstocks for stilettos " TJ’s casual, laid-back atmosphere makes it the place to head to after a day at the beach.

MOLLY BLOOM’S: Hang out in this Irish pub’s relaxing patio after the Mike O’Brien Band’s set. It’s comfortable and always friendly even though St. Patrick’s Day isn’t in the summer.

THE ALEX P. KEATON: The Alex P.’s patio is the best place for downtime after a monotonous day on the job. Its holiday lights can be spotted from afar, creating a hip, bohemian soho environment. Choose from a wide selection of cold, imported beers with their tasty sweet potato fries and you’re set for the night. The Alex P.’s chill and “open all night” feel is heightened by indie rock, roots and electro music playing in the background.

CALL THE OFFICE: CTO’s patio is always a good time especially after a nice, sweaty concert. One side of the bar is open to devoted indoor funk dancers while the other side welcomes hipsters from the outdoor patio. Its wood-planked floors and benches give this patio a sociable element while colourful lanterns hang from above.

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