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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The McIntosh Gallery

One of the joys of university is the opportunity it provides artists to explore their craft in a new environment. Both Western and London offer a number of such opportunities for artists of all kinds. The following is a list of venues both on and off campus where an artist can get involved, as well as resources listing where to find more information on the surrounding arts community:

*UWO Choir
*Band and Songwriter’s Society
*Mustang Band
*Guitar Band
Western Idol Competition
This singing-talent showcase runs between September until Janurary this year. Audition periods cycle through residences throughout the year, with two audition nights held at The Spoke for off-campus students. Visit www.usc.uwo.ca/westernidol for more info.
Coffee Shops
Are held by various clubs, groups and societies throughout the year as fundraisers or social events. Coffee shops provide the perfect forum for showcasing your performance talent.

*Breakdancing Club
*Dance Force
*Swing Kids
*Cultural Groups
Many of Western’s cultural groups, under the leadership of their specific club committee, hold dance festivals. Ask the club representatives at Clubs Week for more information.

Museum London

Visual Art
*Shutterbug " Western Photography
*Urban Artists
Festival of the Arts (See below)
Gazette Comics
Visit our office in room 263 of the UCC to submit your comics and other visual creations for our biweekly comics page.

English Department Productions
Throughout the year, the English department holds a number of productions. Students are welcome to get involved and audition. Watch for posters advertising upcoming audition times around campus, or visit the English department website at www.uwo.ca/english.
Theatrewestern is the USC’s premier forum for talent in all aspects of theatre. The service annually holds two productions as well as the annual one-act play festival, Purple Shorts, to be held in October this year. For more information visit www.usc.uwo.ca/theatre_western.

Creative Writing and Essay Competitions
Occur regularly throughout the year, chiefly through the English department.
Writer in Residence Programme
This year’s writer-in-residence, Drew Taylor, is a Canadian dramatist and comedian. Students are invited to bring their work to him for review.
Poetry Slam
Organized once each term by The Coterie, the undergraduate English student society, the Poetry Slam is open to all students to recite their works to an audience in one of three categories: Classical, Spoken Word and Rap/Hip-Hop.

Western Film Festival
The Western Undergraduate Film Society holds an annual film festival every March. Watch for more information later in the year, or visit http://www.wufs.net.

Other Resources
An online community of independent art and media in London.
Funded by the city through the London Arts Council and other local groups, londonarts.com serves as the city’s principal source of news on upcoming events in every discipline.
Restaurants and Cafés
If you’re feeing industrious, approach a local restaurant or café to see if they’re interested in hanging your work on their walls. The number of local shopkeepers willing to display local talent might surprise you.
Festival of the Arts
This week-long festival, organized through the USC takes place between the 13th and the s16th of November. The callout for membership on the organizing board begins in September, with the invitation for submissions to follow.

*Denotes a club. Check out Clubs Week between Sept. 17 and 21 in the UCC for more information, or visit www.usc.uwo.ca/clubs/alphabetical.

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