Looking for love or lust in Rez?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Hooking up in Rez

Jonas Hrebeniuk

STEAMIER THAN A CHRISTOPHER PIKE NOVEL. There are plenty of potential romantic partners in residence. The key is to use a little rez romance etiquette for some embarrassment-free lust. Meow.

First year in residence is an interesting experience. All of a sudden, the only thing separating you from the boy or girl-next-door is a paper-thin wall and your own insecurities.

With a few drinks down the hatch, you’ve got the perfect recipe for “floorcest” " the romance or hook-ups that occur between members of a rez floor.

Hooking up can be fun, but the possibility for awkwardness abounds when you fool around with your neighbour. Spare yourself the drama by reading our words of wisdom.

Floorcest: The Facts
Everyone is connected to floorcest, either by participating in it or hearing about it through the grapevine. Without a doubt, you’ll meet many interesting people in your building and across campus. However, it’s hard to imagine life in residence without floorcest; romance is bound to blossom when you live in such close proximity to the same people for an entire year. Unfortunately, this is also why indulging can lead to tension, especially if someone ends up hurt or embarrassed.

The bottom line is: if things go awry, you can’t escape the situation. These are the people in your community for the rest of the year.

Hook-up Etiquette
If you’re itching to get your groove on with the guy or girl down the hall, exercise some common courtesy.

Since you’ll be living in close quarters with this individual all year, be discrete. There’s no need to brag about your conquests; gossip will happen without your help. Be sure to keep mum about what goes on behind your bedroom door.

Dealing with your roommate is one of the biggest initial concerns about rez romance. Something as simple as a sock on the doorknob can deter a roommate from sudden entry, however, this can also garner unwanted attention from the rest of your floor. The best solution is to work out a buddy system.

Giving a roommate a heads-up that you’d like the room for the evening is ideal. However, things often happen in the heat of the moment, so you may need to banish your roommate from the premises on short notice once in awhile. The key is promising to reciprocate the favor. Don’t make it a regular occurrence. If your flavor-of-the-week is sleeping in your room more than your actual roommate, there’s an issue.

Likewise, when your roommate wants the room for the night, just take one for the team " crash down the hall for the evening. They’ll owe you next time.

Words of Wisdom
Finally, before you enter the stormy seas of rez romance, consider the following advice from those of us who have survived the drama:

Listen to your homies: If a friend tells you hooking up with so-and-so is a bad idea, it probably is. Perhaps you’re not in a state to make intelligent decisions, and if so, your companions will (hopefully) have your best interests at heart.

Don’t be a stranger: You’re an adult now, so act like one. If you’re mature enough to fool around with someone, you should be mature enough to be polite next time you meet.

“No” means no: This is the bottom line, period.

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