How to Survive a Walk of Shame

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Follow these tips to ensure your O-Week hookups don’t end in embarrassment.

1. Damage Control. If you wake up in a stranger’s room, you should immediately locate all your personal belongings. The last thing you want to do is return to reclaim a lost sweater.

2. Find A Mirror. Whether it’s a bathroom mirror, tinted window or shiny doorknob, it is essential that you check your appearance before leaving the scene. See tip #3 for explanation.

3. Look Presentable. Although lacey tops and shimmery eyeshadow might turn heads on a dance floor, these items will only draw unwanted attention to you as you make your escape. Wash your face and cover up any revealing clothing. Guys, watch out for marker drawings on face, neck and extremities.

4. Exit Swiftly. Whether you are a couple paces from your rez room or miles from home, you will want to move quickly without drawing attention to yourself. Avoid crowds. If this is impossible, keep your head down to save yourself from awkward conversation.

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