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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Although Richmond Row stimulates Western students in the nightlife department, there are also many extra-curriculars available on-campus to enhance the student experience. Western features diverse independent media, the largest student government in Canada, and over 150 student-run clubs.

Student Media
Whether it’s television or radio journalism you’re interested in, Western has you covered.

TVWestern is a closed-circuit student-run television station covering sports, arts, information and culture on campus. Volunteers gain experience broadcasting events such as O-Week, Western Idol and USC Elections.

If you think you have a face for television, drop by room 266 in the University Community Centre or visit www.tvwestern.ca for more details.

If you’ve looked in the mirror and decided you have a face for radio, CHRW 94.9 is the choice for you. After a short training session, volunteers could be recording ads and bands, reading and writing sportscasts, deejaying, or interviewing local and national newsmakers.

You could even go on to host your own radio show.

Make a difference and support local independent radio programming by visiting UCC Room 250, or check out www.chrwradio.com for more information.

Student Government
If you’d like to have a greater impact on the university’s day-to-day operations, the University Student Council is a great place to volunteer. Become a part of Canada’s largest student government by helping out your residence or faculty councils. Run for a council seat in February, or apply to one of many commissioner and councilor positions.

The best way to know about upcoming campus events and volunteer opportunities (besides reading The Gazette) is to subscribe to Western Web, the USC’s weekly volunteer newsletter. Sign up at http://www.usc.uwo.ca/westernweb/ and play a role in campus events such as Homecoming and Charity Ball.

Take charge of your own university experience and have an impact on student life at Western by visiting www.usc.uwo.ca for details.

USC Clubs
With over 150 student-run clubs to choose from, anyone from socialites to socialists will find a club to match their interests.

Attend exciting group socials with the Purple Spur. Make a difference with EnviroWestern, Amnesty International or Oxfam. Reap the benefits of networked capitalism with Day Traders and the Pre-Law Society. Go on cool camping trips. Learn to break-dance. Support your favourite political party.

Still not satisfied? Find out how to start your own club at www.usc.uwo.ca/clubs.

Be sure to browse the booths during Clubs Week in the UCC Atrium, Sept. 17 through 21 and find a club that’s right for you.

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