Spruce up your rez room on the cheap

Jon Purdy

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Shopping at Value Village

“Rez sweet rez” can become “Home sweet home” without dipping into your OSAP loan. The transition from home to residence can be tough, but adding some small decorative touches to your new room can make it more like home.

We all know a student’s wallet isn’t bursting at the seams, so here are some less expensive ways to make over your residence room.

Picture this
The sterile, white walls in rez are cold and unwelcoming, but can be covered up with a little creativity.

Photographs from home are extremely useful for covering up ugly walls. Simply frame a few pictures and hang them with pushpins (or sticky tack), or create a wallpaper collage out of all your photos. Picture frames can also be hung on plastic 3M hooks that are easily removed without damaging the wall. Not only is this a colourful and fun addition to your room, it is also a simple reminder of the support you have back home.

There are multiple poster sales in the UCC where tons of posters can be purchased for decent prices throughout the year. Posters are larger than photographs and can fill an empty wall, easily adding personality and individuality to the room.

Kill two birds with one stone
The infamous alcohol bottle display not only shows last weekend’s accomplishments but can also add character and colour to your room. And hey, at the end of the year you can return the bottles to the Beer Store and get money back. It’s like getting paid to decorate.

Pizza boxes are also colourful, and you’ll likely order in every so often throughout the year. They can be tacked on walls, placed on shelves or cut into designs. Be sure to check the smell factor after a while and consider replacing old boxes with new ones.

The Martha Stewart in you
If you like decorating for the holidays, bring out your crafty side and purchase some construction paper. It’s surprising what you can do with it.

During the winter you can cut snowflake designs out and hang them on your ceiling. For Halloween you can create a haunted room with ghosts or pumpkins cut out of paper. And any day of the year you can decorate your residence room door to represent yourself.

For inexpensive bedding, material can be purchased cheaply by the yard at a fabric store and with a needle, thread and some cotton you can create one-of-a-kind pillows to add a personal touch to your standard residence furniture.

As Martha would say, “It’s a good thing.”

Are those real?
Desk space is limited but flowers always brighten up the day. But real flowers die and need replacing fairly often, which can be quite costly. Try purchasing some artificial flowers that will last all year. If you like the smell of real flowers, spray some perfume on them or purchase an air freshener with the scent you like.

Meet Value Village and the Salvation Army; these stores may be your new best resources. If you need furniture for your apartment or knickknacks for your residence room, these second hand stores offer some unique options at very low prices.

But, sterilize, sterilize, sterilize. You never know where these trinkets have been!

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