Amy Winehouse exits rehab, enters motherhood

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Britney Spears: pop icon to bald head

Britney Spears’ comeback single “Gimme More” has leaked, and the verdict is in: it doesn’t completely suck. Due in part to online buzz, the song has already secured rotation on some of America’s most popular radio stations. Despite K-Fed, dramatic weight gain and allegations of child abuse, Spears’ fans have stood by her. Welcome back, Brit!

• Fresh out of a failed rehab stint, singer/trainwreck Amy Winehouse has thought of a creative way of overcoming her drug addiction: according to pals, she’s trying to get knocked up by her gold digging, drug-addled husband. Seems like it may be time for Winehouse to skip rehab for good and check into an insane asylum.

• In the wake of Lindsay Lohan's many troubles, her estranged father Michael has made some bold allegations. Daddy Lohan claims Lindsay’s mom, Dina, is a raging coke fiend who enables the starlet’s habit. Is anyone actually surprised? As the saying goes, the coke-addicted apple doesn’t fall far from the coke-addicted tree.

Gwyneth Paltrow " remember her? " and Mario Batali, the famous Iron Chef, are planning a Spanish cooking show for PBS. Although Batali lends Paltrow some kitchen credibility, the actress has less personality than a dead fish, and probably eats less food. PBS execs shouldn’t expect high ratings.

Jennifer Aniston sure knows how to make her friends happy. Apparently she splurges on lavish vacations, clothes and meals for her closest girlfriends. Aniston’s husband may have left her for the most beautiful woman on earth, and her career is all but dead, but at least her friends will never leave her! That is, as long as she keeps buying them Versace.

• If you thought the Anna Nicole Smith saga was finally over, you were wrong. A new report claims that Smith’s baby daddy, Larry Birkhead, and her lawyer/lover, Howard K. Stern, were only pretending to hate each other in front of the press. Turns out behind closed doors Birkhead and Stern were far from enemies: they were lovers. It may sound too bizarre to be true, but so has everything else that’s happened since Smith died.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie say they’re ready to bring another child " their fifth " into the family. No word on whether they were planning on adopting or procreating. It’s unclear if anyone has explained to Brangelina that children are not like Happy Meal toys " you do not have to collect them all.

Gabriel Aubrey must have some super sperm. The French-Canadian model has impregnated the very beautiful and talented Halle Berry. At 41, Berry says she’s been waiting to have children for a very long time. It’s a good thing she waited"with Berry and Aubrey’s beauty, their unborn child has hit the genetic jackpot.

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