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Album: All Day With It

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

All Day With It by illScarlett

All Day With It
Sony BMG Canada

3.5 stars

The concept is not new: a punk rock sound infused with reggae, spouting a hybrid mix of love-angst and pro-marijuana lyrics.

illScarlett can’t be accused of creating a repetitive and typical punk-reggae album. Lead singer Alex Norman effortlessly reverts from the band’s harder sound in “The Fashion (Do or Die)” to a 70s soft rock chorus in the ballad “Paradise Burning.” All Day With It is more ambitious and confident than last year’s EPdemic, and the extra layers of instrumentation, heard especially in “NTF” and the powerful lyricism of “Life of a Soldier” prove that the band has struck a balance.

Even the over-played “Nothing Special” is infectious and the promarijuana anthem “Who’s Got It?” has become the theme song for this summer’s FIFA Under-20 tournament.

If nothing else, the quartet must be lauded for producing an album with an overwhelming (and certainly refreshing) sense of honesty; these guys are obviously doing it for the music, man.

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