On Disc: Ani Difranco

Album: Canon

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Canon by Ani Difranco

Ani Difranco
Righteous Babe Records

4.5 stars

This beautiful two-disc album tracks Ani from the start of her career to today across 36 songs. Billed as her first-ever retrospective, this Canon lives up to its name.

This collection spans a dozen past albums and offers a wide range of song-types: from funky poetry to ballad to modern masterpiece. Ani’s newest work will benefit the newcomer and long-standing fan alike.

Right on the heels of Reprieve, Ani’s 2006 album, five songs are “reimagined.” Dilate is best represented in the new recordings with two tracks, “Napoleon” and “Shameless.”

If you’re looking for some study music with words that have meaning, you’ve found it. You will enjoy the fluctuation in rhythm on each disc. Canon is available Sept. 11 through the Righteous Babe label.

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