Put the 'man' back in 'manicure'

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Snoop Dog

SNOOP DOGG GETS HIS NAILS DONE AND SO SHOULD YOU. Manicures aren't just for women anymore.

Men and manicures: it’s a touchy subject not often discussed.

Not only does it carry the stigma that it belongs strictly to the realm of the feminine but it seems these days that more and more women are looking past the type of car a guy owns and the size of his bank account, and instead becoming fascinated with the simpler aspects of attractiveness.

Undoubtedly, hygiene ranks high on everyone’s checklist. And who would not want to look one’s best? There’s nothing more unpleasant than dirty, broken nails that are more chewed up than Michael Vick’s career.

You would never risk going to the bar without showering, and heaven forbid you admit to not having brushed your teeth for a whole three days.

Manicures are losing their identification with the feminine. If manicures are not your thing, that’s OK. Daily, if not weekly maintenence is good enough to keep your hands up to date.

Think of it as the bodily equivalent of taking your car to the wash. It’s not a new concept and it’s endorsed by many so-called “pimps” " don’t think for a second that Snoop Dogg doesn’t get his nails done.

It’s not as if the esthetician is going to paint your nails pink " not unless you want her to. She may add a coat of clear polish to protect the nail, but it’s not noticeable. And do you think that the nail bars throughout the city don’t want your money just because you’re a male? Your money is just as good as anyone else’s.

But perhaps the most fascinating thing about manicures is society’s view of them is rapidly changing.

Typically, men are fearful of walking into a spa. We shun being hoisted up on a pedastal for the world to see, as an esthetician vigorously works away with an ivory board at our fingers.

That being said, so-called “man spas” are appearing eveywhere. No, really. These are not girly, rose-petal places; many cities offer a variety of manly spas and services. No pink bathrobe required.

These “man spas” shy away from the structure of traditional spas, some even going so far as to create a bar atmosphere that caters heavily to the macho side, featuring huge projection-screen TVs so you can kick back and watch the game while getting hand and foot treatments.

Other places offer “treatments targeted to the jet set, with services for guys including jet lag therapy, cell shock anti-aging treatment and purifying facials,” but only if you’re the fancy type.

Manicure costs typically range from $15-30, but can escalate up to $120 for those with deep pockets.

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