Brit fizzles, JT sizzles, Rosie won't shut up

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Justine Timberlake

• As if her “comeback” to stardom hasn’t been embarrassing enough, Britney Spears opened the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night. The unstable poptart sang the new single “Gimme More” in trademark hooker boots and a bedazzled bra and panty set.

Despite the hype, the crotch-shot queen embarrassed herself, looking out of shape, confused, and obviously lip-synching. Britney probably should have cut back on the booze the night before. She was seen all over the Vegas strip on one of her now infamous benders with the likes of Paris Hilton and P.Diddy. It’s about time Britney faces the digitally enhanced music and gives up.

• To put more salt in the wound, Britney’s talented and successful ex Justin Timberlake won the “Quadruple Threat” and “Best Male Artist” VMA awards. Timberlake and Andy Samberg also took home a creative arts Emmy for the Saturday Night Live sensation “Dick in a Box” this weekend. The skit is ranked on YouTube as its sixth most-viewed video of all time with over 26 million hits. Too bad for Britney, the days of Justin’s dick in her box are long gone.

• Screw Heidi and Spencer, Lauren Conrad can make her own scandals. The Hills ringleader was seen in the arms of two men this weekend. After allegedly making out with D-list celebrity Cisco Adler on Saturday, she paired up with Desperate Housewives actor Josh Henderson at the VMA’s. There’s nothing wrong with a little promiscuity here and there, but Conrad could’ve picked some better men to frolic with.

Michelle Williams and her baby-daddy Heath Ledger have broken up. The low-key couple split several weeks ago, ending their three-year romance. Sources say the two grew apart but remain friends for the sake of their two-year old daughter Mathilda. On the bright side, at least this Dawson’s Creek alum isn’t married to Tom Cruise.

• The always shameless Larry Birkhead continues to whore himself out to anyone who will listen. The father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielynn threw an over-the-top birthday party for the toddler this past week. The princess-themed soirée could have easily matched an episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen. Too bad Dannielynn just turned one and won’t remember her party a year from now. By then no one will care enough to humour Birkhead with the publicity.

Rosie O’Donnell may be off the air, but no one can shut her up. The supposedly fired host of The View is taking her opinions to print in her new book Celebrity Detox. The book, which hits stores Oct. 2, covers Rosie’s ongoing feud with The Donald and her struggle with celebrity. The only perk of bringing Rosie’s rants back to the public is all profits from the book will go to support Rosie’s “Broadway Kids” charity.

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