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Album: Memoirs of a Playbwoy

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Memoirs of a Playbwoy by jDIGGZ

Memoirs of a Playbwoy
Maxamus Entertainment

3 stars

Toronto rapper jDIGGZ’s debut Memoirs of a Playbwoy is almost memorable.

Memoirs showcases jDIGGZ’s blend of sultry R&B vocals and hiphop beats. The disc features other up-and-coming Toronto artists including Voyce Alexander, whose smooth lyrics are heard on “Just Wanna Party.”

jDIGGZ started out in the music industry as a producer and is responsible for inventing hit beats for artists like Melanie Durrant.

Now, critics are calling jDIGGZ the next big artist to come out of Toronto. The praise is well- deserved for at least a few of his songs.

Unfortunately, the rest of the album is a miss. jDIGGZ has not yet found the style that works for him, Memoirs is a mixture of too many genres, from underground tracks to love ballads.

With his boyish good looks and unique style, it’s obvious that jDIGGZ has a future in the music business if he sticks with the styles he does well.

He has proven his potential with the hits “Make it Hot” and “Gimme Dat.”

With more songs like these, he may make it to the top. Until then, don’t rush out to buy this album.

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