On Disc: The Cinematics

Album: A Strange Education

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

A Strange Education by The Cinematics

The Cinematics
A Strange Education
TVT Records

3 stars

Imagine being trapped in a room in which Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl” is being butchered by a group of uninspired mouth-breathers.

With their full-length debut, A Strange Education, The Cinematics have escaped the doldrums of playing pop covers for hard-drinking forty-somethings and moved on to greener pastures.

All those years of cranking out cover songs have created a diverse sound. “Race to the City” kicks the record off with racing guitars, a catchy hook, and a groove not unlike Interpol. The next song, “Break,” and a few other cuts point to some 1980s synth-pop influence. The track “Human” could almost be mistaken for a B-side by The Cure.

A Strange Education is an impressive debut with several standout tracks. It will take some time to see how the band develops its act and multiple listens to discover the album’s worthiness.

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