On Disc: Korn

Album: Untitled

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Untitled by Korn


2.5 stars

Korn’s eighth album is a reminder of everything the band used to be. It’s been almost a decade since Korn peaked with the release of Follow the Leader and the band has since been in decline. Untitled isn’t going to help.

Most of the 13 tracks are either repetitive or forgettable, tending to slide in one ear and out the other.

Only three tracks " “Hold On,” “Love and Luxury” and “Killing” " are worth listening to in their entirety.

The only appeal is the newly explored variety of styles and instrumentation, as in Jonathan Davis’ electric bagpipe solo in “I Will Protect You.”

The album’s lyrics sound like a tween girl ranting on her LiveJournal. Metal bands tend to lose their edge when their lyrics could be sung just as effectively by Nelly Furtado.

Overall, the album is forgettable and boring. According to Davis, the band members left the album untitled because they wanted to let the fans call it whatever they wanted. “An Hour of your Life you’ll Never Get Back” is a good suggestion.

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