On Disc: Mandy Moore

Album: Wild Hope

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Wild Hope by Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore
Wild Hope

2.5 stars

When Mandy Moore declared herself ready to move on to better material than her previous efforts, her fans cried out in joy.

Unfortunately, her latest offering, Wild Hope, is hard to get behind. It replaces the keyboard tracks and cheesy pop of her youth with guitars and lyrics that reflect her real-life drama. However, her music remains boring.

The opening track “Extraordinary” doesn’t live up to its title. Uninspired and bland, it sounds like the perfect accompaniment to your typical romantic comedy.

“All Good Things” attempts to see the best in a bad break-up. Its lyrics strive for depth but only continue Hope’s tired, generic sound.

Tracks “Few Days Down” and “Looking Forward to Looking Back” are the highlights of the album, with melodies that break up the doldrums and showcase Moore’s singing chops.

Moore takes a step forward with Wild Hope. Hopefully her next album will be a little wilder.

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