Moneen lets spitwads fly at The Embassy

Band wows London crowd with electrifying performance

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Kenny Bridges

DAMN YOU, FENDER. DAMN YOU TO HELL. Moneen frontman Kenny Bridges releases some pent-up rage on his poor, defenseless electric guitar. The band rocked The Embassy on Sunday night as part of Aggression Fest 2007.

Toronto emo-rock sweethearts Moneen satisfied hungry fans Sunday night at The Embassy Hotel.

As host of last weekend’s Aggression Fest 2007, The Embassy was home to 42 bands including local favourites The Soap Opera Coma, Hopesfall, Seconds To Go, The Arsoncityscape, and Baptized in Blood.

The Embassy was the perfect location for the event. For those who have never been, it’s a must-see London venue. Old, run down, and dimly lit, with cheap beer and ratty couches, it’s indie rock heaven.

The main room is a fair size, but with ceilings low enough to keep the sound at just the right volume: loud. The Whippet Lounge, on the front end of the building, housed the second stage.

Toronto’s Artist Life played a high-energy, up-tempo show early in the night to a small but attentive audience. Though there were a few missed harmonies, the fresh-faced rockers flexed their showmanship muscles without losing vigour, using the stage and monitors as thrashing space.

One band that deserves a Myspace cruise is Straight Reads the Line. Hailing from Stoney Creek, lead screamer Blake Price’s clear, powerful voice combined with the band’s magnificent composition was a force to be reckoned with.

Moneen took the main stage at 12:25 a.m. to a boisterous crowd. The crowd devoutly sang along to “If Tragedy’s Appealing, then Disaster’s an Addiction” off of The Red Tree. The band used that album’s red and white motif in its lighting and stage dressing.

During a brief break, frontman Kenny Bridges informed the audience that the band is slowly beginning to write its next album.

The intimacy The Embassy offered is a double-edged sword. While Bridges walked among the crowd and fans yelled verses in the singer’s face, one female fan caught the wrong end of a spitwad the singer let fly. Needless to say, he apologized profusely.

Moneen closed its short set with “The Passing of America” that included an extended improvised interlude. Diehard fans, refusing to settle after the band left the stage, chanted its name.

When the band returned, it involved the crowd in an energetic performance of “Wrath of the Donkey Remix.”

The mosh pit at The Embassy was on the small side but a few brave souls still crowd surfed. Even on a Sunday night, London loves to rock.

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