The Onion takes comedic jabs at the news

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

The Onion Web page

THIS ONION WILL MAKE YOU CRY TEARS OF LAUGHTER. Satirical newspaper The Onion cracks political jokes that are so damn hilarious they make Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert jealous.

In today’s media-conscious world, it’s good to know that there’s still a news source we can trust " The Onion.

The Onion ( is a parody newspaper published weekly in print and online that features satirical articles that report on international, national, and local news.

The Onion also has an entertainment newspaper and web site known as The A.V. Club that exhibits short news discussions and briefs guaranteed to leave you in stitches.

Over the years, The Onion has achieved great success and has created a cult following, with a national print circulation of 710,000 and thousands of hits on its web site per day.

The Onion began in 1988 and was launched by Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson, two graduates of the University of Wisconsin-Madison who share a knack for writing spoofs. What began as a small paper sold to fellow students on campus eventually blossomed into The Onion.

In 2000, The Onion was almost bought out by television giant Comedy Central in order to spread the paper’s satirical take on the world into other forms of media. Despite the promise of such a deal, former owner Peter Haise botched the deal and The Onion to remained independent.

Perhaps the most enticing feature of The Onion is its unique perspective on modern events. The blend of intellectual humor with real news is refreshing and engaging when compared to other news-spoof sites. This year, The Onion launched its official online send-up of 24-hour TV news under the ficticious name of the Onion News Network (ONN).

The expansive database of articles commenting on current events both real and imagined is available at the click of a button.

Similar to a real newspaper, the print edition also contains previews of upcoming live entertainment specific to the cities where the print edition is published.

The Onion is so precise in retelling current events some broadcasters have actually cited The Onion as a real news source.

In fact, in 2002 Reuters reported that the Beijing Evening News republished translated portions of The Onion’s article “Congress Threatens To Leave D.C. Unless New Capitol Is Built.”

The article examines the U.S. Congress’ threat to leave Washington for Memphis, Tennessee or Charlotte, North Carolina unless the federal government agreed to build them a new Capitol building with a retractable dome.

Unfortunately for the Beijing Evening News, the article was a parody of American sports franchises’ demands to leave their home cities unless new stadiums were constructed.

The Onion is definitely a website worth bookmarking. It’s bound to squeeze a belly laugh thought out of you.

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