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Album: Home to You

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Home to You by Po' Girl

Po’ Girl
Home to You

4 stars

Upon listening to Po’ Girl’s third album Home to You, one might be enticed to sit out on their porch with a beer in hand, soaking up the last days of summer.

With Home to You’s fusion of country, jazz and roots music, these folk festival darlings have once again created an expressive album of songs based on their travels and the notion of “home.”

The band’s wide variety of instrumentation includes a banjo, acoustic guitar, violin, and even a washtub bass, which give each track a unique sound.

Unlike its previous albums, Po’ Girl expands its stylistic palate by featuring several guest artists.

One of the most notable tracks entitled “9 Hours to Go” showcases C.R. Avery, a masterful beat box freestyler. The track mixes urban culture with country music.

An other outstanding song include the poignant “Skies of Grey,” featuring a moving violin solo.

Although the group boasts no official front women, Allison Russell’s raspy, voice rises above the rest as the strongest and its soulful quality lends itself to the group’s mixture of genres.

The lyrics of “So Lazy” sum up the album’s vibe: “I woke up out of bed in the mornin’ / The sweet sunshine outside is glowing / Cool rhymes for the heat and I’ll be so lazy all day.”

After touring for over two years across North America, Po’ Girl’s new collection of songs maintains the high quality of its earlier albums.

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