On Disc: The Almost

Album: Southern Weather

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Southern Weather by The Almost

The Almost
Southern Weather
Virgin/Tooth & Nail Records

1.5 stars

Underoath drummer/vocalist, Aaron Gillespie, created The Almost, a Christian alternative rock band, as a side project.

The Almost has an undeniably young sound characterized by Gillespie’s whining vocals and fledgling instrumentals. The single, “Say This Sooner” slops some typical emo mush on your cafeteria plate, while “Stop It!” and “Everything That Makes Me Sick” offer enough warning to listeners in their titles.

The title track delivers confused guitar riffs and other obnoxious sounds, like Gillespie’s voice. Every other song has the musical grace of a battering ram.

One stand-alone track is the acoustic teardrop, “Dirty and Left Out,” which truly has its moments largely a result of finely woven vocal harmonies.

A few songs are intended to hit home with the Christian demographic such as “Amazing, Because it is,” a tribute to choirs across the continent. A few other numbers manage to blurt out “Jesus!” at seemingly inappropriate times.

Overall, The Almost’s debut record fails to strike a chord with listeners.

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