LOLA artists display unpredictable work

Performance art, wall projections and 77 Million paintings

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

LOLA displays

Besides the stellar band line-up at this year’s LOLA Festival, talented visual artists will also be taking over London. From a famous music producer’s generative paintings to stilt-walking performance art to random wall projections of flies, simply walking downtown this weekend will be an unpredictable adventure.

Brian Eno: 77 Million Paintings
As producer for U2, Talking Heads and Coldplay, Eno has also had a long career as a visual artist. In 77 Million Paintings, on display at the Wolf Performance Theatre at the Central Branch of the London Public Library, Eno’s narrative light compositions create literally millions of visual combinations. These paintings are generated from handmade slides randomly combined by a computer and accompanied by music. Making its Canadian premiere at LOLA Festival tonight, Eno’s much-anticipated set is definitely worth checking out.

Laura Kavanaugh & Ian Birse: Instant Places
Instant Places is a live audio/visual performance with images appearing as large scale projections on the walls surrounding the Rotary Reading Garden at London Public Library. The piece investigates the way events are framed in consciousness, with street actions and online communication as vital components. Using software instruments to transform sounds and images, the artists combine physical objects and human activity to create a unique experience.

Sigi Torinus, Jose Seoane & Black Hole Factory: Talking Walls
Buildings tell stories as seen in Talking Walls, the latest in an international series of audio/projection works. The exhibit is described as “an audiovisual collage merging historical facts with surreal imagery collected in and around a specific site.” Images and stories extracted from a database of historical information and compiled by the artists will be projected on the facades of 140-142 Dundas St.

LOLA display

Michelle Gay: Compiler
Compiler features three backlit projections of animated characters that catch and release continuously falling ink drawings of tree-limbs. These limbs will collect or “compile” in the projected images until the current campaign in Iraq ends. Projected through large holes in the side of a building under reconstruction (123 Queens Ave, visible to the adjacent parking lot), Gay emphasizes the cumulative effects of war through its location and contrasting environment.

Kevin Curtis-Norcross: BLOW
BLOW is described as “a new mobile projection work that projects video images of flies on the outside walls of institutions where the illusion of control is operative, such as pharmacies, banks and technology purveyors.” BLOW will appear randomly in multiple locations downtown, announced only by the amplified drone of the flies.

6 (Six): Two Live Performance Works
The duo, 6, will present two performance art pieces at regular intervals during the day " approximately once every two hours " with one work performed during daylight and another after dark. The performances will include elements such as dance, stilt walking, mask work, video projection and live music, mixed with pantomime storytelling. 6 provides a street-level performance art at LOLA.

Mr. Ghosty: Prologue 1A: Wings/Altitude/Velocity and Prologue 1B: Satellite and Specimen
Local artist Skot Deeming presents his latest live works on the Victoria Park Mainstage. Known for his experimental multimedia involving sound and moving images, live mixing and performance work, these Prologues are the first part of an ongoing performance chronicling the history of space flight using found footage and original music.

LOLA display

Michael Chapin: Chapin Live Works: Threshold VIII
London’s Michael Chapin will present the eighth installment of his “Liveworks” shorts on the Victoria Park Mainstage. Each short builds toward a feature length live production (scheduled for 2008) that tackles the complex issue of global sustainability.

All exhibits are displayed between 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. except Brian Eno: 77 Million Paintings (beginning today at 8 p.m., Friday at 9 a.m., and Saturday at 10 a.m.).

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