On Disc: Animal Collective

Album: Strawberry Jam

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Strawberry Jam by Animal Collective

Animal Collective
Strawberry Jam
FatCat Records

4 stars

Animal Collective’s newly released album, Strawberry Jam is a disc you shouldn’t miss.

The album is a mixture of random yet electrifying sounds that capture the mind and offer listeners a chance to “listen outside the box” of mainstream music.

Its unique music reflects modern youth culture while offering up creative sounds and lyrics.

Strawberry Jam contains an array of emotions, making it difficult to listen to just one song. A complete understanding of Animal Collective’s album requires a full runthrough of each song. Every note, beat, melody, lyric and noise is like a story reflecting a new emotion.

Animal Collective is a band willing to experiment with a variety of instruments from traditional guitars, drum, and bass to unique computer-generated sounds.

Strawberry Jam is sure to cause listeners to experience an evolution of consciousness with its sychedelic and free-spirited songs that sound like a constant star-struck jam session laced with poetic lyrics.

Songs like “Winter Wonderland” range from subtle whimpers to dramatic drumbeats, progressing toward a senseless collision of noise.

But by the track’s conclusion, along with the rest of Strawberry Jam, everything falls into place.

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