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Album: Planet of Ice

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Planet of Ice by Minus the Bear

Minus the Bear
Planet of Ice
Suicide Squeeze

4 stars

With the new release of Planet of Ice, Minus the Bear has completed its mature and dark transformation from a light-hearted band to a multifaceted one that is intense lyrically and musically.

With its odd time signatures, melodic composition and numerous keyboard effects, Minus the Bear challenges its listeners intellectually.

The album was produced by the band’s former keyboardist, Matt Bayles, who creates a complex sound that showcases his creativity.

The disc begins with a solid track called “Burying Luck” that contains a massive amount of guitar pedal work and electronic sequencing that shows Minus the Bear’s patented electronic-influenced alternative rock. “Dr. L’Ling” is another track that stands out from the rest, with the complex guitar work and an unorthodox song structure.

Included with the full length album is a bonus disc that contains two brand new tracks, an amazing remix of the song “Knights” and a demo version of the track “Ice Monster.”

This disc shows how Minus the Bear has matured since its previous albums. Although the band is sporting a darker sound, it is a change for the better as it has created a hybrid, taking their music in a new direction.

Although none of the tracks bring back the pop melody that was found in songs like “Pachuca Sunrise” (from their previous album, Menos El Oso), these melodies aren’t missed.

Minus the Bear exceeds expectations with Planet of Ice.

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