LOLA Fest music to start up your weekend

OK Cobra, Ohbijou and Constantines tunes

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009


The LOLA festival began last night, but the biggest part of the art and music fest is yet to come.

These songs by LOLA artists are bound to get you out of your seat and onto the first bus that will take you to the downtown festival.

• Akron/Family â€" “Running Returning”
A banjo and hand clap-filled acoustic beauty, “Running Returning” would be the perfect accompaniment to a heartbreaking indie film. The strong drumbeat nicely contrasts the folky instrumentation. Akron/Family demonstrates its vocal and musical range with this track.

• OK Cobra â€" “Child in Rhyme”
This track from the London-based indie/rap duo proves that some of the best hip-hop tracks employ the skillful use of a keyboard or piano-based melody. With a pulsing beat and rhymes that flow as smoothly as if they were breathed, not spoken, “Child in Rhyme” is rap at its best.

• Basia Bulat â€" “I Was a Daughter”
More handclaps abound on this epic number by Bulat. Bulat’s beautiful voice is at its finest here, running the gamut from valley-low to sky-high. “I Was a Daughter” builds to a fast pace with frenetic drums, violin, and piano beats before stopping the melody dead in its tracks, lending a haunting quality to Bulat’s vocals, which fill the void.

• Ohbijou â€" “Steep”
Capable of mellowing the mood in any room it’s playing in, “Steep” showcases the effortless talent of Toronto’s Ohbijou. “This could be our last resort,” sings band frontwoman Casey Mecija. But this song shouldn’t be your last resort when you’re choosing your next download.

• Constantines â€" “Love in Fear”
An electric track from the band’s 2005 album Tournament of Hearts, “Love in Fear” is carried by a stop-and-start guitar rhythm and raspy vocals. Stuck somewhere between ska-lite, Dave Matthews Band and straight up rock and roll, the tune captures the reason why the Constantines have been fan favourites for years.

• Beach House â€" “Childhood”
An ethereal song with an appropriate title, given that this track is so delightfully dainty it might as well be a lullaby. Singer Victoria Legrand’s vocals echo, almost as if she’s singing in a big empty room. The result is gorgeous. Beach House specializes in such sparsely arranged tracks, and this song is no different.

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