CBC Radio 3 offers a vast library of music

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

CBC Web page

CBC'S INTERACTIVE WEBSITE KEEPS THE BEATS COMING. Stay up-todate with weekly downloadable podcasts and user-uploaded playlists.

Finally, the CBC has something worth listening to.

Point your web browser to http://radio3.cbc.ca and check out the online database of 100 per cent Canadian indie artists. Discover why Exclaim! calls CBC Radio 3 “Canada’s most important podcast” and Spin Magazine labels it as “the top podcast in Canada.”

CBC Radio 3 features a continuous satellite radio beam (provided by Sirius Satellite) with an assortment of musical genres, including hip-hop, blues, folk and electronic " not to mention weekly podcasts. In fact, since late 2005 there have been over 3.8 million downloads.

This is great news for music fans and independent Canadian musicians. There is great potential to expose Canadian artists to a wider international audience.

Boasting more than 9,000 artists and 43,000 original songs, Radio 3 is the largest collection of independent Canadian music in the world. From grungy basement demos to pristine professional recordings, New Music Canada has it all.

The website features an online media player, complete with customizable playlist settings, with an option to listen in “radio mode.”

Currently, CBC Radio 3 is showcasing LOLA acts.

An interesting aspect to note is customizable user playlists can be submitted for others to sample. The playlists are archived and ranked based on listener feedback.

CBC Radio 3 is helping new and up-and-coming bands trying to break onto the scene. Along with a platform to stream music and videos from, artists get a blog, a tour calendar and an image gallery.

On top of that, every track uploaded to the site will have its own permanent link. If you want someone to hear a song without having to send them an actual disc, you can a forward them a link from the New Music Canada stream.

CBC Radio 3 also invites artists into the studios and records exclusive material where the recorded shows are uploaded online for streaming.

A sidebar also contains a drop list of new music sorted by genre and band name for easy browsing.

Perhaps the most unique feature of CBC Radio 3 is its online blog. The blog offers readers the chance to sit down with a Canadian artist and participate in an intimate discussion regarding a variety of different topics, whether in the studio or out at a live show.

The website also offers a comprehensive concert listing, allowing users to track their favourite Canadian act. You can even download entire live sets with the click of a button.

CBC Radio 3 is a luxury suite of web tools, carefully designed to get musicians’ names and music out to listeners.

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