On Disc: Hot Springs

Album: Volcano

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Volcano by Hot Springs

Hot Springs
Quire Records

3.5 stars

Hot Springs is a Montreal-based band whose music is as hot as its newest album implies.

The band is composed of Giselle Claudia Webber on vocals, guitar and glockenspiel; Rémy Nadeau-Aubin on guitar; Frédéric Sauvé on bass; and Anne Gauthier on percussion.

Together they create a sound that’s not altogether describable. They combine a Strokes-like adherence to dissonant chord progressions with the retro-psychedelic free verse of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, reminiscent of Metric-pop at its most melodious.

Its latest album, Volcano, came out on Sept. 18 and since its fivetrack debut album, Rock Partouze (translated as “Rock Orgy”), the group has clearly grown and gained more control of its sound.

Tracks from Rock Partouze such as “Bacteria” and “Caco Disco” are uncontrolled and don’t compare to the sounds from Volcano.

“Tiny Islands” is one of the harsher sounding tracks of the album. It has a syncopated rhythm and showcases the band’s capacity for darker, minor sounds.

“Fantôme Dinosaure” is the only entirely French song on the album and mixes light pop with the band’s impressive control of dissonant chords.

“38th Adventure,” the closing track of the album, is a superb song. Despite cryptic lyrics that give the impression the song is not a happy one the music is nonetheless joyful. It mixes complex sounds and melodies to produce an amazing song and an overall amazing album.

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